July 4, 2018
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July 4, 2018 Anna McLean


Daylight hours are long in the summertime so typically we spend our time outside enjoying the sun.

Last Saturday, however, we couldn’t resist a trip to the movies to see Hollywood’s latest release, Adrift.

A tragedy based on a true story about a man and a woman, who whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean get struck by a category 5 hurricane. This left their boat badly damaged and the two crew unable to reach for help and in a hopeless state for survival.

While it might seem like watching Jaws before going for a swim we felt this would give us a vivid insight into some of the challenges unexpectedly faced at sea.

Adrift is a film which has an inspiring impact on its audience and we would thoroughly recommend going to see it. Whether a fan of action adventures or films with a latent love story – the whole family will enjoy Adrift. Although I’m not quite sure it was the most comforting of movies for our mum, whose children will be heading out to sea.

Our biggest takeaways from the movie are to never lose hope and to always search for the positive in every situation.

Adrift (2018) Trailer

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